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Early Intervention Educational Groups for Adults


This program explores the issues surrounding the misuse of alcohol, illicit drugs and prescription medications. It is directed at the individual who may be exhibiting patterns of inappropriate drinking, excessive use of prescription medications or experimenting with illicit drugs. The purpose of the program is to help the individual better understand their patterns of substance use in order to avoid the development of an abusive relationship with that substance, leading to a negative impact on their life.

The Early Intervention Program (EIP) is structured in a group therapy format led by an experienced licensed addiction counselor (LAC).   Intake into the program includes an individual assessment by a LAC to identify the client's unique issues and needs. In addition, the client will meet with a physician to provide an opportunity to investigate any related health concerns. The EIP consists of twelve one-hour sessions, each session exploring different facets of substance misuse. Sessions are held one evening each week and clients are committed to attend 12 sessions within a 16 week period.

Topics explored in the EIP include learning to recognize the triggers that lead to the misuse of alcohol or medications and techniques to defuse these triggers. The role of stress is explored including effective ways of reducing and managing stress and anxiety. Depression, which both leads to and stems from substance misuse, is also addressed. Understanding how the dynamics of interpersonal and family relationships affect behavior is another topic of focus. Additional topics include the anger, denial, guilt, and shame often associated with substance misuse. The cost of substance misuse to an individual's physical and mental health is reviewed. Finally, methods of improving motivation and planning for healthy choices are explored.

Clients are encouraged throughout the program to engage in individual therapy with the counselor as needed. Appointments are available for both individual and family counseling and the inclusion of spouse and family in the therapeutic process is encouraged. Referrals for additional therapy and treatment will be provided when indicated.

Upon successful completion of the EIP, the client will be provided with a certifcate of completion.



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